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Traxxas Shocks Xtra Long Big Bore (2)



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XTRA LONG BIG BORE SHOCKS by Traxxas. They may be used to upgrade the Eagle
LSII and the TRX-1. These will be used on the Rear of the vehicle.


  • 2-Shock Caps (aluminum) 1-Silicone Oil
  • 2-Cylinders (aluminum) 1-3/4" 3-Diaphragms (black rubber)
  • 3-Large C Clips 2-Ball Ends (white plastic)
  • 3-Flat Washers (nylon) 6mm 2-Bushings (metal)
  • 2-Spacers 5mm 4-Pistons (black plastic)
  • 6-"O" Rings (blue) 2-Spring Retainers (plastic)
  • 2-Flat Washers (nylon) 5mm 2-Spring Spacers (black plastic)
  • 5-Small E Clips 12-Spring Adjusters (various size)
  • 2-Shock Shafts (2"x1/8")

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