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Shock Oil & Grease 45 products

If you're looking to upgrade your RC car's suspension performance, then you need to pay attention to the shock oil and grease you use. Shock oil and grease are essential to ensuring a smooth ride and preventing damage to your vehicle's shocks. Stock RC models often come with basic oils, but upgrading to higher-quality options can greatly improve your car's handling and overall performance.

At RC Street Shop, we carry a variety of shock oils and greases from top manufacturers such as Traxxas, Team Associated, Dynamite, HPI Racing, and ProTek. These brands offer different viscosity options and formulas to cater to different driving conditions, types of terrain, and vehicle weight.

When it comes to choosing the right shock oil, it's important to consider the manufacturer's recommendations and the conditions you'll be driving in. Lighter oils are suitable for smoother terrains, while heavier oils are better for rougher surfaces. The thicker the oil, the slower the shocks will move, which can help absorb larger bumps and jumps.

In addition to shock oils, we also offer shock grease, which is essential for preventing friction and wear on shock components. Using a high-quality shock grease can help prolong the life of your shocks and ensure they perform at their best.

At RC Street Shop, we provide a wide selection of shock oils and greases at competitive prices. Browse our collection and find the perfect options for your RC vehicle to experience improved handling and performance on the track.