Pricing & Typographical Errors

We are human and we do make mistakes. In the event a product is listed with an incorrect price, information or pictures, RC Street Shop has the right to cancel any orders placed for those items. We will contact you to see about replacing the order, once the error has been corrected.

RC Street Shop has the right to refuse or cancel any such order or orders, whether or not the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, RC Street Shop shall immediately issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the charge. With any listed product on the RC Street Shop website, we hold the right to update, modify or delete information at our own choosing.


Credit Card/Debit Card Authorizations & Charges

All credit/debit card transactions are processed at the request & approval of the card holder, either verbally or in word/document form. For any pending orders, credit cards on file will not be charged, until approval is obtained. For any refunds made via credit card, please allow 48 hours or more before the refund is posted within your account. Processing time varies on your bank. Please refer to your bank for processing times once we have initiated the refund. RC Street Shop is not liable for any delay in regards to processing time after any refund has been processed.

Order Acceptance Policy

RC Street Shop holds the right to modify, cancel or decline any order at any given time. As for orders placed via our site or over the phone, we reserve the right to request photo ID & further credit card info to protect us from fraudulent orders. For any order lacking specific funding, whether a lack of shipping costs of error regarding payment, RC Street Shop holds the right to hold said order till funds are released, or a cancellation is requested.

 Battery Safety

Due to the inherently dangerous makeup of batteries, the end user shall be held solely responsible for the safe use, handling, storage and care of all batteries purchased. Damages, fires, injuries or otherwise will not be covered, nor shall RC Street Shop be held responsible for any such faults, failures or otherwise.

RC Streets Shop will be more than happy to assist in any warranty related issues, but will not be held responsible for any associated damages or otherwise when using these products.

Safety in Use of Products

Remote Control products, by nature of design, are very complicated and unpredictable, and therefore can be highly dangerous, even lethal, if you are careless and do not respect the machine. High speeds, vibrations, and other such necessary evils can cause great harm, even death when not used properly. The safety is within your hands, and your hands only.

It is the end users sole responsibility to establish all safety protocol when using any RC related product, maintaining safety of himself/herself and all surrounding persons & property. RC Street Shop shall assume no liability or responsibility for any injury, damage, or failure associated with any RC related item sold via RC Street Shop, nor shall we assume any losses for such failures.


We at RC Street Shop assume no responsibility for injury, damage or loss during any aspect of doing the radio controlled hobby. It is a hobby and due to multiple uncontrollable variables with components, setup and operation; the end user is solely responsible for all the decisions made during the setup and operation of the kit at hand, and shall assume all risk and liability associated with usage of the items purchased from RC Street Shop.