We try our best to make your shopping experience the best possible, but still there are some exclusions from services we offer, as not all of our suppliers and partners have the same terms with us. Unfortunately some promotions can not be applied to every product we carry.

To make it simple for you, our customer, all the products excluded from promotions will have a clear indication upon checkout if they are excluded. There is no fine print. During the checkout process you will be able see the final calculations and how rules apply to your order. 

  • We exclude all large size packages from our free shipping promotions. On extremely large size packages we can not offer free shipping. Shipping companies have different policies regarding physical size versus weight and how they bill us. If you do not see a "Free Shipping" option next to your order this is  the reason why.
  • Due to federal regulation batteries have to be shipped by ground. Due to shipping company policy batteries have only one shipping option and we can not send them by any other means.
  • All international orders are excluded from "Sales tax pay promotion.” Our international customers are responsible for paying applicable international customs duty and other import fees. 

Questions / Concerns 

  • If for some reason you not quite sure, just let us know and we will be more than happy to provide clarification.
  • Our phone number is  562-425-9000 or send us a message