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RPM Three Piece Skid Plate Set Traxxas T-Maxx & E-Maxx (Black)



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The extended chassis braces of newer versions of both the T-Maxx and E-Maxx would not allow original center skid plate to bolt up to either of these trucks without modification. RPM now has a new center skid plate and skid plate set designed specifically for modern, stretched chassis editions of the T-Maxx & E-Maxx.

Unlike the stock center skid plate, new molded center skid plate extends over the predominance of the chassis braces with better than 4mm of bulletproof RPM protection! The molded curves of RPM's skid plate perfectly mate with the chassis support rails and act as a reduced-friction transition surface that prevents objects from hooking the stock rear skid plate. Other great features include: deep recessed screw holes help eliminate damage to the mounting screw heads, a matched grooved finish from the front of the truck to the rear and provide outstanding wear and impact resistance. The center skid plate provides a more solid tie between the two chassis braces for added support and rigidity. Additionally, since center skid plate runs the rearward length of the chassis braces, less dirt and debris will be forced into the rear skid plate area of the chassis, improving driveline durability and drive shaft bearing longevity.

RPM skid plates are protected by RPM's warranty against breakage and are molded in either blue or black and sold with all necessary mounting hardware (1/8″ dia. drill not included). Like all RPM molded products, RPM skid plates are proudly made in the USA. Proven durability at competitive prices!

Tech Notes: The E-Maxx & T-Maxx use different mounting hole locations for the center mounting screws. RPM left the mounting holes blind to prevent dirt build up in the holes that aren’t used. A 1/8” diameter drill is required to drill out the correct mounting holes for the vehicle the skid plate will be mounted on. For older version T-Maxx, E-Maxx & S-Maxx trucks, RPM original T/E-Maxx Center Skid Plates (RPM80142 & RPM80145) are the correct length for the chassis side rails of those versions.

Version Identification: Not sure if these are the correct skid plates for your truck? There’s an easy way to tell. If your chassis braces (Traxxas #4963) have the word “MAXX” molded into it, these are the correct version skid plates for you. If “MAXX” is not present, you need RPM80112, RPM80115 or RPM80118.

Important Note: RPM skid / wear plates require the use of stock, plastic skid plates, bulkheads and (for center skid plates) chassis braces. RPM skid plates will work with most aftermarket aluminum front & rear skid plates but RPMguarantees the fit only when used with stock parts.

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RPM Three Piece Skid Plate Set Traxxas T-Maxx & E-Maxx (Black)

RPM Three Piece Skid Plate Set Traxxas T-Maxx & E-Maxx (Black)