RPM Tail Light Set Traxxas Slash 2wd, Slash 4×4 & Assoc. SC10 2wd



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RPM bumper and roof light sets for the Traxxas Slash 2wd, Slash 4×4 and Associated SC10 2wd and other short course trucks light up the night quite nicely but what about the back? RPM now has a true-to-scale tail light set that bolts right on an RPM rear bumper, taking care of the final piece in the night running puzzle. RPM's tail lights add that concours winning touch for full-scale realism! With a set of bright white lights out front (using RPM light canister sets – RPM80982 or RPM90983) and a set of RPM red tail lights out back, finding your way around at night has never been easier!

RPM tail light set comes complete with everything needed to bolt a pair of 3mm LED’s (LED’s not included) to an RPMrear bumper (RPM70122, RPM70125, RPM80122, RPM80123, RPM80125, RPM81002, RPM81003 & RPM81005) including a pair of red tail light lenses, two lens housings and a pair of mounting plates (the RPM mounting plates can be modified to fit other short course applications as well). The lens housings themselves can also be modified to fit other areas of different vehicles for alternate effects too, such as running a second set of lights as amber marker lights (identical to full-sized short course and Baja racing trucks).

For lighting up what’s out front, RPM has their light canister sets (RPM80982 & RPM80983) as well as RPM's roof-mounted light bar set (RPM80922, RPM80923 & RPM80925). RPM light sets are the best and only alternative for continuing your fun long after the sun sets and the lights go out!

Tech Notes: 3mm LED lights are not included. The RPM mounting plates and lens housings can be modified to fit any number of applications but warranty restrictions may apply. See instructions for more details. RPM tail light sets are designed specifically for RPM rear bumpers for the Traxxas Slash 2wd, Slash 4×4 and Associated SC10 2wd (sold separately).

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