Tamiya 1/35 King Tiger "Porsche Turret"



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The King Tiger was the final mass produced German tank of WWII, coming as it did in 1944. With armor 150mm thick on the front and 80mm on the sides, its hull was a tough nut to crack, while firepower was provided by a new, upgraded version of the 88mm main gun: as a result, it could tear through enemy armor of 152mm from up to two kilometers, and its survivability was a real concern for Allied armor. The first fifty King Tigers were fitted with a turret designed by Porsche, noted for its rounded design; they joined the first King Tiger unit in June 1944 which fought back against the Allies who landed in Normandy.

  • This is a 1/35 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length; 296mm, width: 108mm.
  • The distinctive Porsche turret with its curved lines is accurately recreated with an ergonomic parts breakdown.
  • Production model features such as tapered main gun, grille and ventilator covers are faithfully depicted.
  • Choose whether to assemble commander, loader, driver and engine hatches open or closed.
  • Comes with belt-type tracks.
  • Features a commander figure and four marking options in the box.

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