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Plastic Model Tanks And Vehicles: A hobby that will make you happy 

Plastic model tanks are a very exciting hobby. If you think that such a pastime is only suitable for children, then you are mistaken. Adults can have fun creating the perfect plastic model military vehicles too. 

What do we offer? 

In our online store you will find the best range of plastic model tank kits: tanks, armored personnel carriers, military trucks, jeeps and many other vehicles. There are cheap models from brands such as TamiyaRevell and more. There are German type, Russian, British, American, and French vehicles from the different times: for example, World War II. 

The most popular plastic model tank kits 

The German Tiger tank was developed in 1942. In the same year, it first took part in hostilities. It was used by the Wehrmacht and SS troops until the end of World War II. 

The American Sherman tank was created in 1940. This vehicle was named after Civil War General William Sherman. This tank was in service with the US Army until the end of the Korean War. 

The light American tank M41 Walker Buldog was created in 1951. It was most actively used during the Vietnam War, as well as during the invasion of Cuba. However, already in the 1960s. its production has ceased. 

The self-propelled artillery Sturmgeschütz IV was created in 1943 in Germany. The main purpose of this thing was to destroy enemy tanks. It was used in many places during the war, but most active in Courland. This combat vehicle was used until April 1945 - almost until the end of the war. 

The American M1 Abrams tank began to be mass-produced in 1980, and its production is still ongoing. Because of this, it became possible to use such an innovative solution as a computer fire control system. It is in service not only with the US Army, but also with Egypt, Morocco and Australia. 

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