Kyosho Flysky RM005 Module



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Take control of the MINI-Z with the high-end radio Noble NB4.

By using this module in combination with the Noble NB4 transmitter, the MINI-Z RWD / AWD / FWD / Buggy / 4x4 Readyset series with various KT-531P transmitters and the MINI-Z EVO receiver unit (No. The MINI-Z EVO series (MR-03EVO / MA-030EVO) combined with 82041) can be operated. It is necessary to insert this module into the slot in the grip of Noble NB4, download the compatible firmware (Ver.2.0.97), and update the transmitter. *Works with white antenna wire equipped Mini-Z's*

When using the firmware (Ver.2.0.97) and the MINI-Z EVO receiver unit (No.82151-03) in combination, it is necessary to update the receiver on the transmitter side. Follow the procedure below to update the receiver.
1. Select the radio frequency setting from the model memory
2. After selecting the RF Std. Menu, select Mini-Z (EVO)
3. Select receiver update from RX settings
4. Press the update icon displayed in the center, then press the OK icon.
5. When the updating (0%) screen is displayed, turn on the power while pressing the bind button of the chassis equipped with the receiver unit (82151-03) and wait for a while. Release the bind button when the blinking speed of the LED on the receiver unit changes.
6. Confirm that the display on the transmitter side is updated (100%) and completed.
7. Press the Back button and select Bind Set to complete the binding.

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