Kyosho Virtual RC Car sim w/ usb controller



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Using the latest virtual reality technology available, this KYOSHO version of ‘Virtual R/C Racing’ puts the excitement of R/C racing on your PC so realistically that you feel you are right at the track! Choose your location from a selection of famous R/C race circuits around the world. A massive amount of data was collected to produce this super-real racing experience from R/C cars mounted with G-sensors running around each of these race circuits. Take your real R/C car to any of the circuits, and you will produce about the same lap times as you run on the VRC. Naturally there are a wide variety of KYOSHO cars to choose from. But with these, you can get faster without doing real damage the machine. A special USB adaptor even lets you use your own transmitter. This is more than a driving simulator; this is virtual R/C racing at its thrilling best!

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