Traxxas Drag Race Start Light



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No-Prep Race Starts Made Easy

No-prep drag racing is even more fun and exciting with the new Traxxas Drag Race Start Light. The portable, easy-to-use Start Light makes sure every race starts fair and square. There's no need for an extra person on the track to drop a flag or flash a light. The compact Drag Race Start light fits in your pocket and lets you be track-ready as quickly as you can flip the on-switch.

When you compete with the Drag Race Start Light, every race start is fair and foolproof. Just place the Start Light a few feet ahead of the starting line, press the Start button, and stage your car as the countdown light flashes. The starting sequence allows ten seconds to get lined up and ready to launch. The countdown light stops flashing when the start of the race is moments away. When the bright white start light comes on—you’re racing!

Random Start Timing

With each new race, the Start Light randomly selects a two- to six-second delay between the countdown light signaling the drivers to be ready and the bright white light starting the race, so there’s no way for a driver to anticipate when the start light will come on. Getting the holeshot is solely up to you and your opponent’s reaction time, every time.

Portable, Rugged, Easy to Operate

The Drag Race Start Light is built for convenient and reliable racing. The high-intensity LEDs are easy to see, even in bright daylight. Rubber feet prevent the Start Light from sliding, and the lightweight unit is ruggedly built to withstand mishaps and prevent damage to the race vehicles if they strike it. You can even use the Drag Race Start Light by yourself to practice launching and hone your reaction time.


High-intensity LEDs are easily visible even in bright daylight
Compact design and easy setup for racing anywhere
Ten second countdown to “drivers ready”
Random 2-6 second start delay prevents drivers from anticipating the start light
Rugged, impact-resistant construction
Compact, pocketable size
Compatible with the Traxxas wireless winch remote, part #8857 (sold separately)

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