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Collecting plastic models has been a popular hobby for decades. Not only boys, but also adult men are happy to tinker with tiny details - each such model is a scale copy of a real helicopter, with varying degrees of detail. This is not only very exciting, but also informative, because many models have become legendary. In addition, it is always a wide variety of shapes and lines.
Such copies are produced by quite popular brands at the world level - 
Revell, Trumpeter, A-model, Hobbyboss and many others. It can also be small companies that are just starting their entry into the global market.

You can choose your model from the following proposed types:

  • plastic model helicopter of ship;
  • plastic army men helicopter for attacks;
  • search and rescue versions;
  • modern and historical military transport;
  • other versions.

 You can collect a whole collection of various types and purposes. The scale is offered very different, most often - from 1:32 to 1:72, which reflects the correspondence with the actual dimensions of the selected helicopter model. If the model is equipped with soldier figurines, they are in the same scale as the helicopter.

In order for such a collection to be as complete as possible, it is better to select the desired models as plastic model helicopter kits on one site. Indeed, in addition to a rich assortment and high quality products, here you can get other advantages:

  • $5 cashback from each purchase;
  • lowest price guarantee;
  • free shipping.

 Fast, high quality, reliable - you will get an excellent opportunity to replenish your collection of helicopter models.