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Plastic model airplanes are popular not only with children, but also with adults. In children, such a hobby develops perseverance and attention. And for adults, these models will be a great way to spend time.

What aircraft models do we have?

If you want to buy plastic airplane models, in our online store you can find many cheap and good quality offers. We have simple, scale, historical, flying models. We have a large selection of scales from 1/72 to large scale 1/18. You have the opportunity to choose the best biplanes, bombers, helicopters, vintage propeller planes, fighters and more. We even have Star Wars spaceships!
And if, for example, you are interested in plastic model airplane kits from the Second World War, we have German Messerschmits, as well as American and Japanese aircraft. Many of our products can even fly!

What is the most popular model aircraft scale?

The most popular option is 1/72 scale (which means the model is 72 times smaller than the original), but 1/144 is also preferred by some - this scale is usually used for heavy multi-engine aircraft. If details are important to you, you should choose the 1/48 option - this model will be very detailed, but at the same time quite large.

About bonuses

It is very beneficial to buy in our shop, because we can offer you many bonuses: Get $5 Cash Back, Low Price Guarantee, and Free Delivery. In addition, we often have discounts. By choosing our store, you will certainly find what you need!