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Modeling, or model building, is a process of assembling replicas of real world items. This hobby varies in difficulty based on the number of details, the mode ratio to the real object and the possibilities of replica customization.

Scale modeling is popular among adults due to a number of reasons. The hobby is suitable both for novices and seasoned assemblers due to the variety of available model kits. Novice kits are cheap, easy to master and can be customized by painting. High-detailed plastic motorcycle models, cars and aircraft replicas demand more skill since they have working systems, moving and rotational parts.

Motorcycle Models Manufacturers

Companies provide various motorcycle replicas. The most popular brands are TamiyaAoshima and Hasegawa. There are plastic motorcycle model kits that allow to assemble Suzuki, Yamaha, Honda motorbikes. The most widespread replica scale ratios are 1:10 and 1:12. Separate motorbike parts may be of 1:6 ratio. Historical models may be of smaller scales plastic, such as 1:48.

Advanced plastic motorcycle models are highly detalied, with water- and air-cooled 4-cylinder engines, suspensions, decals and forks being replicated. Tire patterns and small details are accurately reproduced, giving full understanding of how motorcycles are made. It is possible to see the difference between a V- and 4-cylinder englines.


From what material the motorbike models are made of? 

The replicas are made of alloyed plastic. It makes models durable and attractive. Today the aluminium is used as an alloy to plastic. The primary way of production is injection-molding. It is used in mass manufacturing, but expensive in making smaller amounts of models. Resin-making is used in case of lower quantities of replicas required.