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You can collect not only real cars, but also their plastic counterparts. This will not only be much cheaper, but also much more exciting - because you will need to assemble this model yourself. Of course, this is not only entertainment, but also the development of skills in attentiveness and patience, which makes plastic model cars much more important.

What do we offer?

There are many very cheap plastic model cars in our online store : vintage, racing, from movies. Also, you can choose the plastic car model kit or plastic trucks according to the scale (1/24, 1/48, large scale, etc.) or according to the brand you prefer. There are brands such as Dromida, Tamiya, HPI-Racing and more. There is a large selection and plastic model truck kits - you will certainly find something for yourself.

What are these cars and trucks made of?

For the manufacture of special things plastic is used, which is characterized by increased strength. Currently most plastic models are injection-molded in polystyrene, and the parts are glued together, usually with a plastic solvent-based adhesive. Very often this plastic has a dark color, so several layers of paint will be required for painting.

Is it possible to paint cars and trucks?

Yes. Acrylic paints are good for this (but they need a primer, otherwise it will not be very successful), as well as modeling paints in sets. There are also nitro paints, but they are usually used not by beginners, but by modelers with experience. For this, it is better to choose brushes of several sizes, small and flat - it will be more convenient. For additional protection of the toy after painting, it is better to cover it with varnish, then it can be safely wiped from dust and washed.