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RPM Molded Gear Cover SC10 B4 T4



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This is a optional RPM Gear Cover, and is intended for use with the Associated SC10, B4 and T4 vehicles. RPM gear covers are built to the highest RPM standards of quality, fit, and finish. RPM Gear Covers are made with RPM's trademark blend of bulletproof nylons and carry a lifetime warranty against breakage, and are completely sealed, preventing even the smallest particles from entering the gears.

The spur area of this gear cover has been slimmed down for the wing on a B4 to fit over without interference. They also come with two 4-40 SHCS mounting screws that eliminate the stock button head screws. This means easier access to the pinion & spur gears since the gear cover can be removed using a ball driver – no removing the tire to get to those tiny button head screws! This gear cover also includes a over sized, soft plug for quick and easy access to the slipper adjustment nut for instant track side adjustments.

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RPM Molded Gear Cover SC10 B4 T4

RPM Molded Gear Cover SC10 B4 T4