200 QX BNF with SAFE Technology



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Sizemedium 30-60mm

Thanks to its integration of SAFE technology and its powerful brushless motors the 200 QX serves as an excellent camera platform for the E-flite EFC-721 camera. With minimal effort, you can pair this compact HD camera with the 200 QX and capture crisp images and HD video. Control functions allow you to take that perfect picture at just the right moment and to stop and start recording with the flick of a switch.

The 200 QX is the perfect blend of power and functionality, making it one of the most fun-to-fly Blade products to date. Everything from the translucent body with internal lighting to the incredible brushless power system, the 200 QX is sure to please everyone who gets their hands on it! 

An excellent 200 size quad for fun flights. Can use the Eflite camera from the 180QX for aerial videos.


  • SAFE™ Technology equipped
  • Three flight modes
  • High performance brushless motors
  • Internal LED illumination for easy orientation and night flying
  • Optional camera available separately

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200 QX BNF with SAFE Technology

200 QX BNF with SAFE Technology