Align M424 V2 RTF Micro Electric Quad



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Sizesmall 20-30mm

The M424 Quadcopter features a unique quad-rotor layout, with cool new design elements, innovative exterior with a touch of high-tech feel. Control is similar to RC helicopters, but with highly stable characteristics making it easily adoptable even for those without prior flight experiences.

M424 Quadcopter V2 features:

  • Advance and standard flight modes
  • Collocated blades 
  • AT100 radio controller
  • Can be combined with the A5 2.4G transmitter, which is special developed for the iPhone app which provides fully functional remote control capability for controlling the M424.

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Align M424 V2 RTF Micro Electric Quad

Align M424 V2 RTF Micro Electric Quad

M424 Quadcopter V2 contains Advance and Standard flight modes, collocated new blades, can be efficient increase flight performance. Equipped with AT100 radio controller, utilizing AFHDS 2.4G automatic frequency hopping transmission technology to provide stable signal and fight against interference.